Vietnam Trip Part 1 (Cat Ba Island and Halong Bay)

Hey peeps, I’m back from my 1 week trip to Vietnam. It was quite an experience for me as I stayed in hostel for the first time, went kayaking and boat rafting for the first time. The weather has been perfect and the scenery was so beautiful. The cultural element in Vietnam is so strong that I really enjoyed watching and viewing all their crafts, lanterns and also performances.

We first arrived at Hanoi City where we stayed for the night at Bodega Hostel before travelling to Cat Ba Island the very next day.
It was a pretty decent hostel with all the basic amenities.

It was a really long journey by buses and ferry before we get on board to our ferry bringing us to Cat Ba island where we stayed for a night before travelling to Halong Bay. Cat Ba island is a really small and peaceful town. You don’t get to do much there except enjoying the sea breeze while eating seafood. The food there aren’t spectacular though.

We stayed at Cat Ba Sea View Hotel where we get amazing sunset view from the window.

Enjoying the peacefulness of the quiet little town. Btw, I didn’t have any makeup for this entire trip and it was awesome because I save a lot of time getting ready in the mornings.

While some of us went for massages (which was really sleazy according to them), my bf and me went to chill at the road side drinking Vietnamese Coffee.

Their traditional drip coffee is very thick and bitter and they give me sleepless nights if I drink too much of it.

The next day, we took a ferry tour to Halong Bay!! I have been looking forward to visiting Halong Bay for so long already!

Just fooling around at the top of ferry, enjoying the cold breezy wind that slaps on our face. I was wearing shorts initially but changed into long pants cos it was too cold! There were a few eagles flying around too.

We also climbed and walk through a narrow pathway to see the Sung Sot cave

It is the most beautiful cave in Halong Bay.

A stone statue in the cave that resembles a dog.

And then we climb up stones to see the amazing view. It was slightly tricky as I was wearing slippers.

We are at the top of the world!

And then, of course the kayaking!

We Kayak through the stillness of the water and went into caves, listen to the nature plus spotting monkeys. I ended up with sore legs from the sitting though.

After the magical experience, we travelled back to Cat Ba island for dinner before sleeping.
This Vietnam trip has been such a good break from the hustle bustle of the city I am in and it is exactly what I need to refresh myself this holiday.

That’s all for now! Will be back with more Vietnam posts. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Vietnam Trip Part 1 (Cat Ba Island and Halong Bay)

  1. Super happy you had a good time at Vietnam! I went there too during the summer and haven’t quite experienced the same trip as you did but had just as much fun.

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