Get better, healthier products at is a website that sells unique and innovative products which promotes healthy living. I am completely new to all the brands I’ve seen in that website and was quite amazed with some of the innovative products I saw.

Brought Ling along to this event. We are really not that young anymore and it is time to be a little health conscious.

When I first heard the name, I was automatically reminded of my own blog URL and I wonder where they get their inspiration from. Anw, the tea by Teaism is a packet of delicious, healthy and super-easy teas for super-busy people. Made from natural ingredients, Teasim Tea Wands make fussy tea bags and old school teaspoons disappear by doubling up as a stirrer. Just add hot water to the packet and you have your tea. Although I don’t think we are that desperate for time that we don’t even have the time to use a spoon to stir, this innovation is still rather interesting. I tried blueberry tea and ginger tea and they are rather bland, doesn’t taste spectacular though.

Teaism is available in the following flavours: green tea, ginger black tea, fancy black tea, blueberry tea, osmanthus oolong tea.

Vivi’s rating:

Organic chocolate bars
These chocolate bars are good as a gifts and even as daily snacks as they are healthier.

This exceptionally smooth and oh-so-rich creamy milk chocolate does not disappoint.

Premium Ecuadorian cocoa and Cornish sea salt come together in delicious harmony to create this rare treat.

A combination of the coolness of refreshing organic mint and the rich taste of the dark chocolate.

The combination of extra dark Dominican Trinitario cocoa, Italian

Vivi’s rating:

Way better snacks
I love the taste of their chips! Good enough to replace my Calbee chips which are of course so much unhealthy. Way better chips are really healthy. Every chip is filled with healthy power—they have unlocked the nutrients found in perfect, unprocessed ingredients. So these deliciously sprouted chips are actually nutritious and tasty. Sprouting grains give the chips more antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, plus they’re easier to digest.

The flavours include: black bean, sweet chili, sunny multi grain and sweet potato

Vivi’s rating:


They are supplements that come in spray forms. According to them this is much more convenient for those who don’t take oral supplements because the pills are often too huge to be swallowed. By spraying underneath the tongue allows better absorption as well. However, when I tried to spray, some of it gets on my face and it is quite irritating. They taste like awful medicine to me and I would really prefer pills.

The supplements include: Multi Vitamins, Party Girl relief and for hangovers.

Vivi’s rating:


Natural Alternative.
Natural Alternative was designed to help you care for your body and leave you feeling naturally invigorated—to cleanse, nourish, hydrate and pamper. Products are not tested on animals and the packaging is environment-friendly. Natural Alternative is Australian made and owned.
I really like the idea of organic products as they are definitely safe to use. This brand is not exactly pricey as compared to other organic products found in the market.

Vivi’s rating:


The founder of Harmonic is none other than the founder for Aveda which is a really good brand. Harmonic Shampoo is also organic that you can even eat it!  They are certified organic in the U.S., pesticide-free, gluten-free, vegan and contain a proprietary ingredient called Intellimune. They have also won the Best Beauty Buy award. I personally would love to try out this brand.

Vivi’s rating:


Check out my huge goodie bag! 😀

I think lady luck was on me that night. I won lucky draw and have gotten this set of headphones that is suitable for sports! How lucky! 😀

Do remember to check out if you are interested in any of the products listed here. They have many other brands as well.
At the moment they do not ship outside of Singapore but stay tune as they will go internationally soon!


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