Post-travelling skincare

At this point of time, I am still feeling the fatigue from all the travelling. Taking four flights just to reach home in the early morning is no joke. I have been sleeping a lot ever since I touched down. It is definitely a luxury feeling to sleep so I do so whenever possible. I know I have to get out of the house soon but the lazy me is refusing to move my butt, except only when I have to get out of the house to get my lunch. Other times, it is just me relaxing at one corner with my tablet, reading and watching shows away. Travelling is a great way to refresh myself, but it is definitely not one that I enjoy doing it too often. I get more lethargic after travelling due to the fact that I wake up early everyday just to catch something interesting on the streets.

My skin always feels bad after travelling. It could be the dry air on the airplane or it could be the bad air overseas. There are always more clogged pores than usual and my skin isn’t illuminating radiance like it always does.

I have not been exfoliating my skin so the minute I reached home, I took the chance to deeply cleanse my skin with a 3 in 1 Pure Active Cleanser by Garnier. It works as a facial wash, a scrub and a mask. I enjoy using it as a facial wash and a scrub. The beads feels alright on the skin and not too harsh. It also contains salicylic acid to combat acne. Please note, I do not use this on a daily basis. I am currently using Fancl Washing Powder II.

After which, I proceeded to use charcoal mask from Origins on the affected areas to let all the junks purge out from the pores. I also took this chance to prep my skin for gentle extraction around my nose area. This mask dies up pretty quickly and feels tight on the skin so I don’t usually use it that often. Normally, I like to use Kiehl’s purifying mask instead.

While doing mask, I packed my luggage and did my laundry. Talk about time saving!

After extraction, my skin is definitely slightly red. To combat the redness, I use Philosophy Keep The Peace Instant Relief Mask for redness and sensitivity. My skin now feels clean and good.

I top it up with my regular skincare. And just when I reached Singapore, the purchase I made from Daily Vanity greeted me. It is Kiehl’s Calendula Herbal Extract Toner. I tried it before when I was given a sample from Bella Box. I love the smell of the toner and how calming it is on my skin that I am making a re-purchase.

There are real marigold flowers in it! Marigold are known to have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

My skin now is a lot calmer. But I will still be making a trip down for a thorough facial soon.


8 thoughts on “Post-travelling skincare

  1. You are in Singapore, right? The Philosophy mask looks very intriguing, but I can’t find it on the Canadian Sephora website 😦 Is the mask just for calming sensitive skin? How much is it and can you still buy it in Singapore?

      1. Definitely no outlets. There are beauty outlets in Singapore? :O But WOW that’s really expensive for a Philosophy mask! The Philosophy Total Matteness mask is only $30 CAD, but according to the current exchange rate, $70 SGD is about $59 CAD…

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