Festive FOTD

Merry Xmas folks!!

I decided to get a haircut yesterday as my hair has grew long and out of shape in this two months time. I really love short hair and have not looked back since. Honestly, I do not miss my long hair at all! Omg, is that normal? Anw I’ve changed my hair stylist again. This time round, it is Simon from Shunji Matsuo by Lily Xu who did my hair. And I think I am going to stick to him because he is friendly and communicates with me about the type of hair that is suitable for me! I also prefer this outlet. I can tell that I am in good hands after communicating with him. He even said I am suitable to go even shorter, like 2 inches more. Not sure if I am ready for that but we will see. So he gave me an asymmetrical cut and a side fringe to frame my face. I have also gotten a new dye job! (FYI, I pay for all my hair cuts.)

Anw, for my festive makeup I decided to keep things light and simple but play with my eyeliner a little. If you notice, my eyes look more define here because I line the inner corner of my eyes with a black liner.

Here’s a clearer view. I did not give my eyes any wings at the end too.

For eyeshadow, I decided to use lavender and purple shade.

Merry Xmas once again and may all your wishes come true. 🙂


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