Prawn’s 24th Birthday Celebration

First post of the year! As the year begins, I get caught up with work, work and more work. It is like after such a long break, I suddenly have so much things to do. I am really so not used to it. Really need to get my engine running and start fast! I’m still quite in the holiday mood and I need to get out of that soon, if not I will never be able to hit deadlines.

As all of you may know by now, Prawn’s birthday fell on the 1st of Jan. Sometimes we celebrate on the 31st and sometimes we celebrate on the first weekend of January. This year, I got to celebrate his birthday right on the 1st of Jan! Hehe. 🙂 This picture was taken near the Habourfront Jetty. Our very first picture of the year 2014. Pretty view isn’t it?

This year, we didn’t do anything special on his birthday. (Because ideas are running low already. lol) It was just a simple celebration which consists of good meals, movie and shopping. I asked if he would mind such a simple celebration and his response was “no, most importantly is to spend the day with you.” Aww… ^^

Went to ABC patisserie located at VivoCity to have a quick bite and tea.

After the tea, we went to catch “Frozen” which was a pretty good cartoon. I love Olaf so much! Haha! We were both pretty intrigued by this lil snow man’s funny stunt.

Dinner was at The Chop House which I’ve booked two seats in advance. The Chop House has really good and efficient service!! Impressed.

We both had steak which was really tender and juicy! We love steak cooked till medium rare! Yumms. I’m so glad I learnt how to eat steak a few years back or I would have miss out on such a great delicacy.

Their signature sweet potato fries were awesome!

Oh and this year’s birthday present for him was a smart briefcase for him to bring along when he needs to meet his clients. I have given to him in December cos I bought it earlier.

I’m glad he enjoyed this birthday celebration despite it being such a simple one.
I love you! ^-^


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