Gelish for CNY

Chinese New Year is the time when I will take the extra effort to dress up. We will have to wear new clothes and shoes. As for me, I also love to dress up my nails. For the past few years I’ve always been doing my own nails but this year, I decided to leave my nails to the professional! I went JB with my boyfriend along with some of his friends and the girls decided to do their nails. And so we went to Nails Addiction at City Square to get our gelish done.

Frankly speaking, I wouldn’t recommend this place! It is definitely not cheap! We saw the price on the signboard outside the shop states that for Gelish, it is 55RM. It was definitely cheaper than any other stores around. So we decided to go in. Upon sitting, we were told to choose our designs. But different designs have different pricing altogether! Some were 80RM and some can go up to 120RM. And this price did not include the 55RM which they stated there. I couldn’t decide because I think it was expensive. Then, they told me that I can go for this two-tone design which is priced at 35RM. I did not asked for treatment because it is another amount which I have to pay for and I think it is not worth it. I was quite insistent so they left me the way I want it. Because it is CNY period, there was a surcharge of 15RM. On top of that, the two ribbon blings I got was 40RM! Freaking expensive.

All in all, I paid 145RM for this two tone design gelish which after conversion was 58SGD. For gelish, this price is still cheaper than Singapore’s but definitely not cheap in Malaysia! I don’t think they have superb skills either. My nails look pretty because my nails ARE PRETTY by nature. I have long nail beds which made things easier for them. I love the colour which they recommended though,something which I do not normally use.

Oh well…


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