CNY room revamp

I have always wanted to do something about my room. I needed space for a huge wardrobe,tons of bags, a working desk, a book shelf and also a bed. But living in Singapore, our rooms are very very tiny. Moreover, I do not have much budget when it comes to changing my furniture. I was also getting sick of my old paint which was coming off. And as you can see from the photo above, I barely have any space to walk. This picture was taken in its good days. On bad days, my room can get really messy because I have no place to put my bags and other nitty gritty stuff and I have to put them all over the floor.

The Chinese New Year is a great time to get things started. It’s the time where the Chinese does a lot of spring cleaning, to clean off the bad in the past and to welcome something new and great in the new year. Of course, I cannot do this without my Father! He did most of the things actually. I merely told him what I wanted. Awwww!!

For a start, he painted my room in mint, the colour I wanted! I have always wanted a mint green room because it looks soothing to the eyes and doesn’t look too girly nor boyish. The photos probably doesn’t show the colour very well since I took them with my phone. I have also shifted and re-arrange my furniture to make the room bigger. I do like this layout but I still do not have any space for my frequently used bags. I kept the rest of my bags in my wardrobe with a bag organizer. But I would like a space for my frequently used bags so I don’t have to keep them every time.

Hence, I got a shelf mounted on the wall to make a bag gallery! This shelf keeps the floor clean and empty and also makes a pretty picture due to my colourful bags. ^^ Now I have huge walking space and I love how clean it looks now.

Shelf from IKEA, mounted on with the help of my dad. 😀

I place my painting above my table

My bookshelf is opposite my bed. It’s a small shelf, just nice for the tiny space I’ve got there.

At the other end of my room is my mega wardrobe which took me a long time to clean. Anw, here’s part of my vanity area. No space in the room for a vanity table, so I place all my vanity stuff inside here.

My cosmetic section.

My skincare and perfume section.

I am quite satisfied with how my room turns out to be now.
Try re-arranging your furniture if you can’t buy new ones! You will be surprised!


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