My D.I.Y Gel Nail

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! Have you dress up your nails? I was given this cute V day present from It is a set of D.I.Y gel nails! With this set, I can finally do my own gel nails without the need to visit any nail palour.

The nail set consist of one gel top coat, one gel base coat, one LED light and one paint brush. I also have two extra gel nail polish.
The gel nail is supposed to last a month, longer than conventional nails.

Everything in the set is just so compact so you can bring it to anywhere to do it.
Also, there are no complex steps. It is very easy to achieve it at home!

1. Apply the clear gel base.
2. Use the LED light and shine at your nails for 10 to 15 sec.

3. Apply the nail colour of your choice. In my case, I chose Rose Garden, a bright pink colour.
4. Apply more coats as you wish.
5. Use LED light again for 10 to 15 sec.
6. Apply clear gel top.
7. Use LED light for 1 min.

And you are done!

I’m loving my pink nails. 😀
You can get this set from Rakuten here.

Happy V day!! Enjoy this day with your love one!

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