My 8th V day spent




Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! I had a lovely night with my dearest yesterday. =)
Met him straight after my work which explains why I was wearing my glasses and did not have much makeup on. I’m still glad that V day falls on a Friday so we didn’t have to rush back home. This year marks the 8th V day that we spent together. Wow, time flies.





Had an awesome dinner at Medz which sells mainly Mediterranean food. Luckily my BF booked a place in advance or we may never get a seat judging from the overwhelming crowd. After our dinner, we went to Clark Quay for ice-cream. We sat by the riverbank watching boats passed by and feeling the breeze on our cheek. We also exchanged our present there!

This year, my BF build a lego figurine for me!! Aww.

And I got him a earpiece sharing device so that we can both watch or listen to songs without the need to share a single earpiece.

I’m always against buying expensive gifts or flowers during this season.
Yes, it is a season of love but money doesn’t buy you love. Sincerity does. And that explains how our gift is always so simple yet meaningful at the same time.


Thanks to blogging, I managed to put together a collage of all our V day pictures. So much memories surfaced after doing up this collage.
Although I cannot exactly remember what we did or gave each other in every single picture, I will definitely not forget the feeling when these pictures were taken.

2007: no picture cos we took neoprint instead. It was our first date and it was so amazing cos we had so much to talk about.
2008: Took the picture while waiting for the MRT. Already, people were telling us how alike we looked.
2009: Took the picture on the bus to Changi Airport. I remembered we were quarreling before this picture was taken. lol.
2010: Took the picture at his place. I gave him Melty Kisses chocolates.
2011: We bought sushi and picnic in the dark. We couldn’t really see our food then. LOL.
2012: Took the picture while queuing for food. He gave me a stuffed toy that he sew painstakingly. I love this present so much.
2013: We decided on a no gift V day celebration. Cooked up a storm at his place and went to Gardens by the Bay at night. It was raining but we were happy.

To my dearest,
Thank you for having me in your life. I couldn’t have asked for a better one. 🙂


The next thing to look forward to would be our 7th year anniversary! (:


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