Fashion spotting: Cut Out Outfit

Pic from Refinery

Recently, the fashion trend has spotted many dresses with cut outs. We usually have dresses that have a huge cut behind, with the front look really decent, or dresses that are cut at the sides of our hips.

Now, we are spotting more and more weird cut outs that actually starts after our chest but before our belly. Sometimes in a rectangular shape while other times in a upside down letter V. There are also many other types of cut outs which I cannot comprehend.

Sometimes my BF spotted some really weird cut out dresses, he will come to me and whisper to me secretly. asking me if that’s normal or if the dress is broken in some ways. He will always give me a dubious look whenever I say that’s in trend! Once, he almost walk up to the lady to ask her to zip up her dress, when in fact that was actually a cut out design. LOL. Luckily, I stopped him in time. Imagine the embarrassment!

For me, I would rather wear a normal decent safe dress than a dress with too many weird large holes.
What about you?


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