Review: Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery BB 3D effect

Biore sent me one of their latest product for review. It’s Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery BB 3D effect. Now, Biore has jumped into the BB cream bandwagon. Undeniably, I have doubts about their BB cream but after the first usage, I was sold! I have since then used the BB cream consecutively for a week before penning this review. It is now my favourite base makeup at the moment!

Some of what it claims to do: 
– Long lasting sweat proof double UV block with highest SPF 50 Pa +++
– Light, watery texture that spreads and blends easily without any sticky feel
– 3D brightening effect with its soft and fine brightening powder
– Long lasting oil control yet hydrating
– Gentle and Mild

First test: Coverage Test
I think at the end of the day, you want a BB cream that gives at least a medium coverage.

This is my skin before anything is applied. I have some acne marks and redness here and there, especially at the chin area.

After using the BB cream without any concealer proves that this BB cream gives pretty great coverage! My pores are also somewhat concealed. I love the finish of this BB cream as it gives me a little glow at the right area without looking as if my face has been greased by oil. I also don’t see the need to apply any powder as it doesn’t feels sticky at all! The colour of the BB cream also suits me perfectly.

With such high SPF, I do not see the need to apply sunscreen prior to that. This really saves me a lot of time in the morning.

Second test: Blending 

This BB cream is easily spread by fingers or sponge. I love how fast I can do my makeup with Beauty Blender and I also love that my fingers do a good job in blending this BB cream too!

Third test: durability 

This set of pictures were taken straight after application. As the day goes, my makeup stays relatively the same except that there can be little streaks due to perspiration. This BB cream aren’t exactly sweat proof as what it claims but it is definitely long lasting with fairly adequate oil control. It is most definitely hydrating as well!

Lastly, this is one BB cream that make me look picture perfect! Love the glow on my skin.

For a price of $19.90, I think it is really worth a try!
PS: I have also found my new eyebrow pencil holygrail. Will share more next time!

Vivi’s Rating:
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