Post Gel Nail Care

Having beautiful gel nails without chipping for up to 4 weeks seems like a pretty good deal. No matter what I do, my nails stay pretty all day long. I could be meddling with things while working, washing plates and clothes and my nails still look good! However, gel nails can get pretty drying to the nails with improper removal.

I do not visit the nail palour to help me soak off my gel nails. Instead I do everything by myself and it’s pretty easy! If you do need me to blog about how to remove gel nails, I would do it the next round I get my gel nails done. Today’s post is about post gel nail care.

My nails have become brittle and weak after gel polish. The first thing I do after removal is to wash my hands, buff my nails to even out the surface and to apply my favourite oil on the fingers. Staying hydrated is the most important point in nail care. I am using Kiehl’s midnight recovery concentrate on my nails and am pleasantly surprise how this facial oil doubles up as my cuticle oil too! I applied a drop on each of my nail bed and massage the oil in. You will see an immediate effect after the application.

Next, I did a hand mask to hydrate my entire hands since soaking my nails in acetone is really drying. I used Skinlite ultra moisturizing hand mask here.

It comes in a pair of gloves like this. Inside the gloves, it contains ultra moisturizing essence.

And tadda! Nails doesn’t look that scary after gel removal.

PS: Do remember to apply cuticle oil once everyday to hydrate your nails. You can also apply nail hardener to protect your nails from breaking while healing.


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