Review: Fresh Sugar Lip Polish

I use lipstick pretty often because I love how the right lip colours can brighten up my complexion and changes my look immediately! It is also easy to apply in the morning when I’m rushing for time and have no time for any eye makeup. For an even lip makeup look, it is really important to have clean moisturized lips without all the dry flaky scabs. In that sense, lip exfoliation becomes very important. And so I purchased this Fresh Sugar Lip Polish from Sephora in hope that I will exfoliate my lips more often. (I have to admit that I always skip this step!!)

This lip exfoliant is made up of brown sugar to exfoliate and shea butter to moisturize your lips. The brown sugar is very fine so you don’t have to worry about using it on your lips.

Just pick a little of this and massage it into your lips with circular motion. Then, wash off with warm water and voila! You will realise your lips turn smoother and more moisturized! Top it off with a lip balm before you head for your bed.

The product smells really good and works pretty well in terms of exfoliation as well as moisturizing. However, I find that this can be a tad expensive for something really simple. I guess if you have the time and energy, you might as well DIY your own lip scrub to save some money.

And for that, my rating for this product is:
fb likefb likefb like

If not for the fact that the lip exfoliant comes with a tinted lip balm, I doubt I would purchase that alone. And this tinted lip balm comes in the colour Rose which I love!

I had to take the pic in flash in order to let the colour shows. It is a very natural colour on the lips and has SPF as well. Great on days when you don’t wish to use a lip stick.


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