Two sets of lashes by EYLURE

I received two set of EYLURE lashes in my mailbox one day. I’m not really the falsie girl and usually only use falsie during special occasion. Yesterday I attended my colleague’s wedding and thought what a good timing to try out the lashes given to me!

First set of lashes that I tried out was this pair of Katy Perry’s vavavoom colour pop lashes by eylure.

On first look, I really love the hint of green in the lashes. It will definitely change one’s boring makeup look. The criss-cross effect of the lashes is also supposed to look natural.

However, after donning the lashes, I felt that the lashes looks awkward on me. It seems to be too long for my liking. I would love it more if the lashes were a little shorter. I took the lashes off shortly after wearing it.

I decided to try on another pair of lashes. It is also by eylure.

This eyelash consists of a built in eyeliner flick! Seems pretty cool!

This is how it looks like on me. I really love the look! The lashes are very natural looking without it being too long. And the eyeliner flick at the end creates a mini wing look which I love!

Definitely great for people who doesn’t know how to draw a wing at the end.

Here’s my wedding makeup look yesterday:


Here are some pictures taken at the wedding!





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