Peripera Marker Lip Tint

This Peripera Marker Lip Tint was a lost and found item in my closet. I’ve been looking for an orange lippy recently and this came back to me just in time!

The Peripera Marker Lip Tint comes with a pointy tip which looks just like an orange marker. Because of its pointy tip, application can be very precise as it can help fill up into the tiny corner of the lips.

As you can tell from the photo, the colour pay off is very good. It is very pigmented but it appears to be more of a reddish orange than anything like the colour of the cap.

No bleeding occurred when using the tint marker.

It is not possible to create gradient lip with this marker though as it is not blendable.
The lip marker can be a little drying so I use vasaline to hydrate my lips prior to application.

Keep your makeup simple and neutral with this lip colour and your lips will pop!

PS: I am having an obsession with lippy these days. There will definitely be more lippy post to come!


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