Top Beauty Programmes I watch

I think beauty for me is a self-learning process. Since my teenager days, my skin wasn’t very good. I’m not the type of girl who is born with perfect skin and I used to loathe skin care until someone reminded me that my skin isn’t looking very good. Then, I started paying more attention to the things I use. Today, whenever people made comments about my relatively good skin, I would be very delighted.

I learnt a lot about beauty related stuff not just through beauty blogging, but also through various variety shows and youtube channels.
Here are my top five must watch programes:

Pony’s Beauty Diary


The korean beauty skincare and makeup has been on the trend lately. I love how natural and flawless their skin and makeup looks and my goal is to have the skin and makeup skills as good as them! Natural makeup look has always been the hardest look to achieve in my opinion.

Asian Beauty Secrets


I have recently discovered this channel and I think it is a really great channel for skincare and makeup tips! I especially love the episode where she talks about the different type of perfumes and how to apply them without overdoing it. It is extremely useful!

Tried and Tested


This beauty channel by Clicknetwork, hosted by Shu Ann, is by far the most interesting videos I’ve watched. In every episode, Shu Ann goes about testing the different type of skincare and makeup and she rates them according to how they work on her skin.

Bubz Beauty


Bubz is a really cute beauty vlogger that I’ve seen. She’s so real in her videos even though she’s as famous as Michelle Phan. She still makes her videos in a very simple and homely manner and that’s precisely what I love about her.

Lady First

Last but not least, one of my favourite variety show has got to be this taiwanese programme named Lady’s First. It is a very informative programme hosted by Lan Xin Mei. Every episode, they get a group of ladies to share their woes and concerns. They also invite makeup artists, skincare experts as well as hair stylists to give tips on looking their best. Since they are all experts, they got to be right!


Recently, I have just attended the media conference of Lady’s First (Singapore Version Second Season) at Orchard Hotel. I was really excited and happy to see Lan Xin Mei that I’ve always been wanting to meet.



Lady First will premiere on 3 June, with a new skincare expert from Taiwan, and an episode specially targeting the men, with a new Men’s team. Non-mandarin speaking audiences will also get to enjoy the show as it now comes with English subtitles for the first time!


It will be aired on 3rd June, every Tuesday at 8pm on Starhub TV Channel 111/825. It will also be available on Starhub TV anywhere via .


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