The Singapore’s bloom


You know, I rarely praise the nature part of Singapore. Singapore is such a small city that everywhere is just buildings after buildings.

Granted,  we plant a lot of trees, so much so that from the top view, Singapore looks like a green city. I am not so fond of the plain boring green plants and trees.

Recently,  Singapore is experiencing full bloom everywhere!  Lots of colourful flowers is popping up everywhere. They say it is due to the dry spell season and the sudden downpour after the dry spell
Nevertheless,  I think Singapore looks really pretty now!!


A cycle at the East Coast Park makes me so happy as I get to see all the beautiful colourful flowers! 

So I took the chance to take a few pictures.





This photo would have been a great shot if our heads can be seen. Lol. 


This photo was taken while I took a walk in my neighbourhood park.


The pink flowers are so pretty! They named it the Singapore’s sakulah. :p


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