Ziaja Products Review + Giveaway

I am an avid user of skincare products, but I’m always forgetting about my body!! The truth is our body also need that extra care just like our face. So why do we have to miss them out all the time? When Ziaja contacted me for a review of their products, I was immediately reminded of the fact that I have not moisturize my body since forever. It was a great chance for me to get back on the routine.

I was sponsored the Natural Olive hand & nail cream as well as its body butter from the same line.

About Ziaja: 
ZIAJA cosmetics combine highly regarded traditional components, such as herbal extracts and oils and vitamins with modern technology. 

ZIAJA formulas are:
– Based on pharmaceutical expertise & safe for sensitive skin
– Always clinically and allergy tested 
– Never tested on animals
– pH balanced

The Olive Oil Hand & Nail Cream

Key Ingredients:



First of all, the scent is light and just nice for me. I hate products with extremely fragrant smell because they made me feel like I’m applying tons of chemicals on the skin. I usually prefer my skincare to be of light, natural fragrance. This was right for me. The texture is light and easily absorbed by the skin without any stickiness. This is another plus point for me! I wish they have a prettier packaging so that they look pretty on my vanity. Opps, but I’m a girly girl afterall. =p

The next one is their Natural Olive Body Butter

Key Ingredients:

I don’t normally love body butter as they tend to be too thick for my liking. But this one is different. It is thicker than normal lotions, yet easily absorbed. It doesn’t leave my skin greasy as well. The texture of the cream is really soft and buttery. After using the body butter, my skin feels very very soft to touch the next day!!I It feels like baby skin. When I don’t use it, my skin feels rougher. There really is a difference!

Now for the best part, my readers get to try the hand cream!! Ziaja has agreed to sponsor two readers the Natural Olive Hand & Nail Cream.

Here’s what you need to do:
– Like Ziaja’s FB page here
– Comment in this entry in the following format:
FB Name:
Why you would like to try the hand cream:

I will choose two of my favourite comments to be the winner! It’s that simple!
Giveaway ends at 27 April 2014. 
*Only for Singapore Residents




11 thoughts on “Ziaja Products Review + Giveaway

  1. FB Name: Shirley Lee
    Why you would like to try the hand cream: My hands are always very dry, rough and ugly because of all the housework I do. I hope to try this hand cream to fix this problem which has been around for years.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

    Have a good long weekend ahead and Happy Good Friday in advance!


  2. I would like to win this and pass it to my mommy for mother’s day gift . Recently, i touch her hands and realized that her hands is very rough due to housework and all. She deserve a nice hand cream and let her have back her youthfulness back! 🙂

  3. I would love to try the Natural Olive Hand & Nail Cream because my hands tend to get very dry & would benefit from the rich hydrating power of the natural herbal ingredients used in this cream. It will also provide essential nourishment to care for my nails & cuticles. I can have beautiful hands with soft & smooth skin again!

  4. FB Name: Joannehappyj
    Why you would like to try the hand cream: Hope to keep my hands soft and smooth despite all the housework that I have to tackle day in and out. I tend to have peeling skin around the nails and sometimes even my nails crack due to too much washing. Hope this cream can help me solve my problem.

  5. I have sensitive skin so the products I use are mainly water based non greasy ones because l dont like to have a sticky oily feeling after application. My nails always chipped these days so I want to try this hand & nail cream to see its effects on my nails and my hand. Thanks!

  6. FB Name Bebe Gi Lee
    I love to try the hand cream cos I like the green packaging, it’s suitable for my sensitive skin, doesn’t leave my hands with the uncomfortable sticky feeling and would make my dry hands prettily smooth and hydrated.

  7. FB name: Adeline Koo

    Everyone usually apply skincare dilligently on the face and neck, and more often than not, hands are the neglected part. And hands are the one who can betray your age if you seldom apply skincare on Them. Thus i am into hand care. So i wish to win thistoprotect my hands. 🙂

  8. FB Name Chay Hwai

    My hands is kinda of rough and dry, sometimes so dry that the skin peels and cracks. I wish to try the amazing Ziaja hand cream so that I will be able to have a smooth, soft and moisturized hands.

  9. FB Name: AiLeng Loh

    Reason: My hands are always dry and rough since young ): has been trying all sorts of hand cream but I really dislike the sticky and oily feel especially if I apply my cream then touch my phone and there is stains on my phone ): So I would love to try this in search of my suitable hand cream! Hehe (: and moreover I love olive scent as it is not overpowering yet smells natural and nice! Thanks for being so generous and hosting this giveaway! (: Good luck everyone (:

  10. FB Name Missy Grace L
    I would like to try the hand cream because I have never try Ziaja products before and would love to try this one especially when I’m in need of a hand cream to moisturize my dry hands. It would be a great hand cream to bring along on my autumn holiday trip to protect my hands from getting rough and dry.

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