K Beauty Romantic Look

The Romantic Look.
Inspired by K Beauty once again.
The focus of this look is to bring out the natural attractiveness of the eyes, as well as a striking soft pink gradient lip to look bright and romantic.



I’ve been loving this Laneige Silk Intense Serum Lipstick in Electric Pink recently. I love how my skin instantly brightens up with this lip colour. It is also extremely hydrating to the lips that I don’t even feel the need to use lip balm prior to application. This lippy is also long lasting, even after a meal, a tinge of pink can still be seen.


To achieve this lip look:
1. Use a concealor to conceal the edges of the lips.
2. Apply the lip colour and then use a lip brush to smudge it, covering the entire lip.
3. Dap the lip colour into the inner part of the lips using lip brush to create a subtle gradient lip.


For eyemakeup, I’m using Stila in the light Eyeshadow Palatte.
1. Apply Kitten on the entire eye lid.
2. Apply Bubbly in the double eye lid fold only.
3. Apply Sunset on the outer V corner of the eyes.
4. Blend the eyeshadow using Bliss.
5. Use Clio Gelpresso Waterproof pencil gel liner in Bloody Sweet No. 13, on the lower lid, a 5mm thickness.
6. Use the same gel liner on the center of the eyelid and blend it out using fingers before it dries.
7. Tight line using a black liner, and then use a dark brown liner slightly above the tight line.
8. Use the dark brown liner on 1/3 of the lower lid and smudge it to prevent harsh lines.
9. Curl your lashes and apply mascara.

That’s the finished look! Hope you like it. (:

PS: I can’t believe I spend so much time writing this post because my desktop is running out of C: drive and it simply makes uploading pictures 1000 times slower. Time to get a new lappy already.


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