Owndays glasses


I’m always felt that if we can’t recover from myopic, we might as well embrace wearing glasses. Nowadays wearing glasses can be really trendy if you choose correctly. I’m so glad that I found Owndays, a brand from Japan for providing quality glasses at an affordable price. I wouldn’t say it is super cheap but at the very least the price is considered cheap for its premium quality and design. What I really hate about wearing glasses is that some are just so heavy and uncomfortable that I often get headache after wearing it for the whole day. With Owndays, no such problem is experienced. Owndays Air Ultem Design is super light-weight and provides such great flexibility that it can be bend.

What I really love about Owndays is the shop concept. You walk into the shop and find a pair of glasses you like, go for an eye check and pay for the glasses. The price ranges from $98 to $198 for frame plus 1.6 high index lenses. Unless you opt for special lenses such as transition lenses or ultra high index lenses (1.64 to 1.74), another additional $100 is required.  Oh, and they are ready for as quick as 20 mins! Unfortunately I waited for about a week for mine cos I opted for 1.74 high index lenses. Both my left and right eyes power is 650, hence I always opt for the super thin lens.

So I picked a maroon coloured frame. The tinge of red brightens up my face. They say the bigger the lens the trendier. I’m glad I found the right big frame for my small face.

Despite having high power, the lens is super thin! Love it max.

Another thing which I love is the nose pad!! MY NOSE LOVES IT!! Finally glasses made for Asian nose.


Adding a little chicness to my outfit with glasses and short bob. (:

Can’t beat it? Embrace it.

If you are interested, click on their facebook page here

Btw, it’s Mother’s Day!! So Happy Mother’s Day to all beautiful moms out there.


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