Five ways to spend lesser time in the morning doing makeup

You probably face the same problem as me. And that is not having enough time to do makeup in the morning. I wake up at 5.45am every morning and goes out of the house by 6.15am. Within that half an hour, I have to wash up, bath, put on skincare, dry my hair and possibly some form of makeup so that I can get out of the house without looking like I didn’t sleep last night.

Truth to be told, I’ve not been putting full makeup (only BB cream and eyebrows) since I started working. I simply have no time to do that and I am unwillingly to let go of my proper skincare regime. Even so, my skincare regime has been down to just simple three steps (wash, tone and moisturize).

In the event when we are gonna meet some important clients, how can we apply our makeup in the fastest way?

One: Get organized

It is such a pain to be meddling with your makeup when you are rushing for time. There is no time to play hide and seek with your blusher and mascara. Get a storage to help you organize your makeup so that you spend lesser time in the morning looking for lost items! I got mine stored in an acrylic storage so that I can see where my items are at a glance. You can get similar ones from Muji.

Two: Find tools to help you

I figured out that sometimes our fingers may not be the best tool when it comes to blending. I spend way lesser time and effort blending my BB cream with my Beauty Blender sponges than using my bare fingers.

Three: Get the all-in-one products

Some argued that it is best to use a separate sunscreen than using a foundation with SPF in it. I would very much want to do that if I have the time. But when time is against me, I would rather pick a foundation with high SPF value in it. These days, BB creams work very well for me as a sunscreen and a foundation. I find myself reaching out for Biore Aqua Rich Watery BB 3D effect the most these days.

Four: Skip the eyeliner

Eyeliner can be tricky to apply in the morning. There’s also smudging factor to consider throughout the day. I would suggest you to skip the eyeliner, and use eyeshadow as a liner instead. It is easier to apply eyeshadow as a liner as you are not required to be precise in the application. My favourite has got to be these two Loreal Infalliable eyeshadow in hourglass beige and endless chocolate. The beige colour instantly brightens up the lid while the brown colour acts as a very natural eyeliner. A coat of mascara is enough to wake up your peppers and yet still look natural at the same time.

Five: Do the rest at your workplace

Pack your makeup pouch light with just the essentials. Give yourself a radiance boost by applying some cheek and lip colour. These are easy to apply and don’t take up much time as well. Powder and perfume are just for touch up purposes.

Now you can snooze for another five mins because you’ve got things under your control!
Remember, less is more in the busy mornings. (:


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