Glitter tip nails


After a few rounds of plain nail polishes, I decided on having
glitter tips nail this time round. It was a pleasant look mixing The Face Shop face it nail polish with OPI desperately seeking sequins nail polish.


Both are very glittery with The Face Shop’s being a glittery gold colour and OPI being a a clear gel with small silver glitters.

1. Apply gold glitter polish to 1/3 of the nails. Unlike french tip, you don’t have to be precise.
2. Layer OPI above the gold polish to smudge out the harsh line.
3. Apply top coat.

After putting Sally Hansen’s base coat and allowing my nails to dry completely, I went on to put a layer of gel top coat and cure it. I am trying to see if putting a layer of gel top coat over regular polishes will help the nails to last longer.

I will continue to observe over the days and even weeks to see if any chipping occurs.

[ Edit: I don’t think the idea works well. My nails still chip and the top coat actually looks as if it has been scrapped off. I will just stick with the normal top coat next time. ]


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