Mother’s Day Celebration

Born in an Asian family, we rarely show affection for our close ones through words. I cannot remember the times when I hug my parents tight or even hold their hands when I walk. I am not sure why, but through the years of growing up, these actions became a little too mushy for our liking. We stopped expressing our love for each other through such manners. Even so, who is to say our love for each other stops there?

Mother’s Day is definitely the best time to show affection. Ever since I started working full time, I am able to afford little treats for my family every now and then. My mei mei wanted to share a part of the cost as well and so off we go for a dinner at Crystal Jade. My family is a fan of Chinese cuisine. We almost never try other cuisine except for western ones cos my father loves fried food.

The highly recommended Crispy Duck. However, between their crispy duck and crispy chicken, I actually prefer the latter cos there’s more meat.

My all time favouite salted egg yolk prawn. I always miss this dish.

Pork Belly.

Assorted mushroom with broccoli.

I love my family. Thank you for raising me up.
I think my next goal would be to bring my family for an overseas trip. 🙂


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