Haul: Shiseido Sale 2014

It’s the Shiseido Sale again! This year it took place in both 12 and 13 of June but by the time I got hold of the news, it was already the last day of the sale. In cases like this, I have to just deal with their limited products in limited colours. And honestly all their colours left were blahhh. It’s all the browns and the nudes. Oh well, but I managed to get a few items because how can I leave empty handed after coming all the way down right?

So check out what I’ve gotten:

Za Plumper Lips in 06 pink pearl. SGD$5. Original $13.90

Za Eyeliner in turquoise colour. SGD$5.

The Za products were like 3 for $15 so I shared the cost with a friend who purchased a lipstick as well.

My favourite buy is this NARS nail polish in this berry pink colour.

I tried on my toes immediately. Love the colour so much! SGD$12.  Orignal $30. OMG? Should have bought more!

Last two items were from Ettusais and the price is really cheap!
Aqua Splash OB SGD$15. Original $29
Quick Fix Powder SGD$15. Original $26

Frankly speaking these are the items I wouldn’t have bought to try if not for the sae. I’m a happy girl now with all the saving! 😀



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