Thought Bubbles: Never say never

I have always admired people who can draw because I can’t. Back in the primary school days, I would always seek my mum for help whenever I have some art project to complete. I didn’t want to hand up my own work (without mum’s help) because my friends’ drawings were all so awesome looking. I never drew since secondary school because I felt that I am not good at it.

You know how things are always like this? You shut the doors to things that you are not good at. I I do that all the time. I shut myself to things that I am not good at and am so unwillingly to try them again for fear of failure and embarrassment.

One day I saw my friend posted a picture of a drawing that she did. It turned out to be a d.i.y number painting where you can paint simply by following the numbers. I thought that was pretty easy to do it so I bought myself a canvas and started painting. It took a long time because painting by numbers can be quite a long process when the numbers goes from 1 to 100 with all sort of colours to be painted.

This was the number painting. I didn’t try painting after that because I find it too tedious to follow the numbers and paint and I am really not good at drawing anything like that myself.

Then, I knew about art jamming at Arteasiq. Art jamming is where they provide us with a canvas, paint and paint brushes and we can just sit there and draw anything we wanted. But I couldn’t find anyone who is interested to join me so that plan was on hold. Perhaps next time I will just go on my own (just for experience sake) since I am not convinced to buy my own art materials yet.

Fast forward to a few days back when I started exploring Windows 8 Fresh Paint on my new laptop, I started doodling once again, albeit it’s on the computer. But the paint brushes in Fresh Paint could mimick the water colour effect which was really nice and that got me started with the digital painting.

I took out a post card that my friend sent me and started drawing. I was not confident of myself so I sent the pic to my boyfriend and to my surprise, he knew I was drawing the post card! (He knew about the post card because I hang it somewhere in my room.)

Today I drew the beach that I went to in the afternoon. I drew the coconut trees that I was familiar with because that’s what I kept drawing when I was a child. It was relatively easy to draw coconut trees on the paper but not so with a mouse. lol.

I got pretty enthusiastic and started drawing sunset after youtubing on how how to draw sunset. I’ve always loved sunset because the colours are just so awesomely beautiful. I wanted to add a lake to it. The lake was initially just blue in colour but my sis came in and say the lake should be a reflection of the sky because water is colourless. It was pretty daunting to draw the reflection hence not very well done but nonetheless this is my favourite pic by far. I really feel like drawing this on a real canvas!

I think drawing is such a therapeutic activity and perhaps I should really do it more often. Maybe one day I will be able to transform digital art to real canvas art. Never say never and never allow failures to stop you from doing what you’ve always been thinking to do.


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