Kiehl’s micro-blur skin perfector review

I am a huge Kiehl’s fan. I have tried a lot of their products ranging from the skincare to haircare to bodycare and these products never fail me. I’ve heard about the how amazing this little tub (Micro Blur Skin Perfector) is in blurring the pores so that no photoshop is needed for a flawless finish and am so glad Kiehl’s sent me a bottle to try!

This is not just a makeup primer but it is also a skincare that proves to have long term benefit in pores size reduction. I have enlarged pores by nature and I look out for makeup primers that claims to minimize pores. I’ve never heard of a primer that comes with skincare benefit. Kiehl’s is definitely the first one! Because of its skincare benefit, you can also use it in the night time!

I am not going to bore you with the science behind this product because I believe you are internet savvy enough to google it yourself or visit Kiehl’s website for more information.

This primer comes in a light silicone based texture yet not quite like the normal primer texture that I’ve tried. It is not creamy, slightly waxy but very smooth and glides on the skin easily, forming a smooth canvas for makeup. It is advised to use this primer after your sunscreen or BB cream. You can use this alone or after your BB cream. However, I prefer to use it before my BB cream and it works perfectly fine for me this way.


And true enough, no photoshop needed! My skin looks flawless without the ugly pores. This is my makeup look using Kiehl’s micro skin perfector plus Laneige BB cushion. I think I’m going to use this forever!!

One day out, my friend asked me whether I am using Kiehl’s micro skin perfector because she finds that my pores did look smaller! I was happy to hear that because this shows that the product works! I can’t vouch for the skincare benefit though but all in all, it is a good primer to have!

Is this convincing enough? At first when I just use Kiehl’s alone I didn’t see a remarkable difference but once I add on my BB cream I could immediately see the difference. My usual BB cream alone does not conceal and mattify my skin as much as using it with Kiehl’s.

It’s never a dream to have small pores now. (:
You can get this at S$52 for 30ml.


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