Kiehl’s Oil-free ultra facial 3 steps skin care for the oily skin

I’ve talked about oil-free skin care products for the dry skin this summer. Today, I’m gonna talk about oil-free skincare products for the oily to oily combination skin users. Here I have with me a range of oil-free products from Kiehl’s. Kiehl’s has very kindly sent me these three products to help me beat the summer heat.

I know many people with oily skin tend to skip their moisturizer because they find their moisturizer too oily and tend to clog pores. With these series of products, oily skin type can now “breathe” and achieve healthy skin too! Really, if you have oily skin, do not, I repeat DO NOT, skip moisturizer. Skin tends to be oilier because the skin is dry and the skin would produce oil to help “hydrate” the skin. So really, moisturizing is the key here! Trust me, I was once the girl with super oily skin. Now I’ve been through it, experiment with the skin and found the best solution is actually to hydrate the skin with proper products!

Let’s check out what these products offer:

[Taken from Kiehl’s Website]

I’ve put these products into test.
Test period: 2 weeks.

Cleansing is the most important step of the skincare routine. I always choose my cleanser wisely.
A good cleanser does not strip the moisture of its skin, does not leave the skin dry, cleans well and feels fresh after cleansing.

This ultra-facial oil-free cleanser foams well and lathers well on the skin. It did leave the skin squeaky clean which I dislike.
Unfortunately I have to say I do not like this cleanser. Barely only a week of using this cleanser, my skin turns dry. I think this product aren’t suitable for my dry-combination skin. I honestly do prefer the normal ultra-facial cleanser a lot. It has since then been left aside on the shelf.

A toner is essential in removing the last traces of cleanser and makeup. It also helps return the skin to its normal PH value. So I say, don’t skip this step. Choose a toner that’s well suited for your skin needs.

This ultra-facial oil-free toner is watery and feels comfortable on the skin. I initially dislike this product because there’s a weird smell! I was more at ease when I found out that the smell doesn’t belongs to alcohol. I was glad to know that this toner is alcohol-free. With more usage, I find that this toner does hydrate the skin, leaving the skin soft and supple.

The last step would be to hydrate the skin with a moisturizer.
Oily skin type is very suitable for this oil-free gel-cream moisturizer.

This ultra-facial oil-free gel cream isn’t thick or oily when applied to the skin. It feels cool to apply this on the skin. It is my favourite product out of the lot. I find that this product works well during the day time. It helps to keep the skin hydrated. Oil secretion is minimized!

Overall, these products would probably score a high rating among the oily skin types. But for me, these aren’t particularly hydrating enough. The cleanser is like mehhh but I love the texture of the moisturizer. Still, I would add a hydrating serum for the extra hydration boost.

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