Random Hauls

I am pretty much very particular into the things I use daily. It has to be functional and at the same time aesthetically appealing. I get energetic looking at pretty things, even down to the nitty gritty things like pencils and notebooks. I once did a survey about what gets me energetic and my answer was Beauty.

The result goes like this “You see the world as a delightful and magical place. And there is something beautiful around every corner.You can find many types of beauty in this world, but it brings you down to be around ugliness and messiness of any sort.

Simply freshening things up makes you feel more alive. You like a gorgeous view, fresh flowers, or even a well organized desk. At core, you are an idealist, and beauty is just one way of representing our ideals. It inspires you to see life at its best.”

I am definitely not the tidiest person in the world. But I do somehow make sure messiness stay away from me cos I simply like the look of a well organized place. Having said that, my room is in a mess from time to time. =p

So I went to Muji and got some of these items – a notebook, highlighter, seat cushion and a pencil. I really love Muji as the things over there are often on the minimalist side. I love the idea of a D.I.Y cover page notebook; it allows my creativity to flow and a little ME identity. Of course, their stationery are often well-designed ergonomically.


My new pencil case from Espirit. Didn’t want to buy this at first but there was a sale and I needed some a bigger pencil case. Previously I was merely using a makeup pouch which was pretty small. I didn’t know having a new pencil case could brighten up my mood!

This wasn’t my haul but this is something that makes me happy too! Miffy Bunny Cloth flew from overseas…a gift from my bf. Seeing the bright colour cheers me up after a tiring day. It also makes my work desk a little more unique!


This isn’t a new haul but I realised I haven’t quite talk about it before. It is my working tote from Agnes B and a long wallet from Prada which I got a friend to get it for me overseas (which is a lot cheaper!) The bag was a gift from myself as a reward after graduation. As for wallet, I merely needed a new wallet and a wallet that I can use for years since I seldom change it. They say you have to change your wallet every few years so that you can gather more wealth.

A new 15 inch laptop from Asus. This is mainly for me to work at home. My old desktop don’t allow me to view any pictures or upload any pictures and it makes blogging and doing work really tough. Decided to change into a laptop to save space on my desk.

So are there any items that keeps you happy and energetic?



4 thoughts on “Random Hauls

  1. I also love cute stationary items, just makes my desk brighter and the day goes faster! Why get boring plain stuff when you can get colorful ones with cute, uplifting designs?? x

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