I give Waxing a try at True Aesthetics

Being a girl is tough. Being a hairy girl is even tougher. When it comes to hair removal, there are simply so much choices out there. We can get rid of unwanted hair through plucking, shaving, threading, and waxing. Honestly, I’ve tried everything but not waxing. And I wonder why? Even though technology has advanced to getting rid of hair through light and laser, there are still girls out there who would prefer a non permanent method like waxing due to many reasons. I went to True Aesthetics and find out more about waxing.

Here’s everything you need to know about Waxing.

1. Why go to a salon when I can DIY?

  • Quick, clean and less painful 

I have tried waxing myself by buying those D.I.Y strips. And I’m not gonna lie. IT HURTS. It hurts so much that every time I peel off the strips, I wanna scream. And the skin is so red and sensitive after that. I never try it again. But when you go to a salon, you will be rest assured that you will be in good hands.
And besides, when somebody does it for you, it’s quicker, cleaner and less painful to take.

  • Well-trained staff

In True Aesthetics, I have nothing to worry about. Their staffs are well-trained and makes you feel comfortable. They are also very hygienic so they wear masks and gloves during waxing.
Pain level? 4/10. And once you get used to it, you don’t felt that painful anymore.

  • High Quality Care and Service

True Aesthetics go extra miles to pick up more steps while working on waxing, to make sure clients got the most comfort and care for their skins. Most of the service providers only provides 3 steps, which is Cleanse, Wax & Calm. Some even just wax & go. They provide 5 steps with extra care in one price.


1. Clean & Anti-Septic :
Use Lycotane to sanitise, clean and removes surface oils, perspiration & cream residue. It helps to prepare the skin for waxing, make sure residues removed and wax will be able to “hold” every hair nicely.

2. Pre-Wax Moisture:
Soften & prepare skin for waxing, prevents wax sticking to the skin, making waxing
virtually painless, clean & efficient.

3. Waxing
Using strip/cold wax method on lower legs.

4. Clean & Anti-Septic :
Use Lycotane again to clean the excess wax to prevents “sticky feeling”.

5. Calming & Soothing
Use a light, moisturising & soothing lotion to calm the skin, with Tea Tree Properties,
it helps to prevent in-grown hairs.

Here’s a comparison. I’m sure you can tell which leg has been waxed and which leg hasn’t. The leg that has been waxed is fairer, smoother and most importantly HAIRLESS.

All thanks to waxing, I get to enjoy clean, hairless smooth leg immediately. Oh yes, they even went ahead to wax my toes!

2. Between waxing and IPL, which is a better option?

I would say both has their pros and cons. I’ve gotten True Aesthetics to answer this question. Check out this table for a comparison.

Results Instant “Hair Free”right after treatment, but need constantly doing Take few sessions, usually 8-14sessions to remove the hair, but once remove, can mind peace for 2-3 years


Pain Level Overall less painful than IPL but that also depends on therapist skills. Unskillful therapist might create great pains.


Felt like rubber band snap, but the pain sensation is very short and totally tolerate.


How it works Using wax to hold the hari trunk, and pull it out thoroughly from hair follicle


Use Intense Pulsed Light to weaken hair follicle. Hair pigment will absorb the heat, heat weaken hair follicle slowly. Once Hair follicle is weaken/destroy, hair will gradually grows slower, thinner then stop growing.


Pros Instant remove the hair –     no need to shave or wax, totally hair free after whole course done

–     even hair grows back, will becomes much thinner & easier manage

–     result last for 1-3 years, depends on individual hair grow rate

Cons –     Need to constant wax

–     Spend more in long term

–     Might cause in-grown hair

–     Might creates sensitive skin

–     take longer time to see results


If you are looking for immediate hair removal, choose waxing. If you have a little time and money to spare, choose IPL. And FYI, IPL does hurt, especially at the later sessions when they need to use higher frequency of light to treat the area. IPL also works better for people with fair skin.

Here’s the price list. 

True Aesthetics also provide IPL and over 30 different kinds of Facial Service.
They are running a promotion now for Brazilian IPL and it is only $85 for 9 sessions.


True Aesthetics
Blk 1, Thomson Rd, #03-340E, Singapore 300001 
(opposite Thomson Medical Center) 
Tel. 6358 2672

Feel free to give them a call for more information and pricing.


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