Fitness and Slimming: All about dieting

We’ve heard from JT,  a personal trainer from the newly established Fitness Bravo Personal Training Studio in Bugis, all the tips about slimming down our tummy, arms and thighs in one of my blog post. Looks like having a great toned body isn’t an easy feat. Many people resort to dieting just so they can shed some weight? But is dieting really necessary? And if so, how can we go about doing it for a healthier body? Key word here is HEALTHY. You don’t wanna risk your health for beauty sake.

Q: Is dieting important when it comes to slimming or toning? Can I eat as per normal if I want to maintain a slim and toned figure? 

A: Yes, proper diet and nutrition can be accounted for 70-80% of the results you achieve while training is about 20%-30%. Of course this percentage varies with the individual. However, dieting doesn’t mean you don’t eat ANYTHING. Proper diet and nutrition also means you should try to get enough water and vitamins in your diet. Most people are too concerned about proteins/carbs/fats that make up the macronutrients but tend to forget about the micronutrients, which support your body functions.

Q: I’ve heard that carbohydrates (food such as rice, noodles, bread etc. ) are bad. Is that true?

A: One of the misconception is that carbs are BAD. Carbs are not bad; it’s the types and amount of carbs that you eat in relation to your daily activity level. Generally, you want to eat the carbs that are less processed. Things like brown rice, oats, sweet potatoes and even potatoes are great.

You DON’T have to go on a “zero carb diet”. These are crash diets that only work for a short period of time. Once the individual loses the determination and goes back to “normal eating”, he/she will rebound and gain back all the weight (and more) lost initially.

Q: What should be the proper way to diet? 

A: “Dieting means NOT eating or CUTTING out ALL carbs.” This cannot be more wrong. Dieting means making smart choices; choosing natural foods instead of processed food – like a steak over a burger.Dieting means making small significant changes to your daily intake that can be sustainable in the long run. This means you can start off by cutting out soft drinks, which would already reduce your daily calorie intake. Once you see some results, you can try taking out processed food and fried food.

Ergo, the correct term should be “sustainable dieting” – making small changes that you can work into your daily lifestyle.

Q: What supplements would you recommend to help girls build abs or muscles? 

A: The basic supplement would be protein. Most ladies do not get enough protein from their daily food intake. Other supplements that are good are Omega-3 fish oils, multi-vitamins and BCAA supplements. Despite so, all these are “supplements”. Supplements do what the word means – it ADDS on to your daily nutrition.

This means unless your daily nutrition is proper, don’t expect to get proper results with just supplements

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