Flee Away Cafe

Sunday time was spent exploring a cafe named Flee Away.
It’s a fusion cafe with a nostalgic theme. The reason for the name is because it is not just a cafe, but also a flee market that allows people to sell their items there.

Pretty interesting to know and the food is really awesome! They are really creative in their dishes.


The beef mash pie is awesomely good. I love how fragrant it smells like, it was so good pairing with the crispy cup.


his is yet another unique fusion food. This is actually you tiao in baguette form.

ou can choose the filling inside to be laksa or curry chicken. Yes you’ve read correctly; it’s laksa that I am talking about!

Look at this! I find this special but a little bit dry. You can be really full eating this!



wpid-2014-07-13-01.58.47-1.jpg.jpegBanana Kiwi Milkshake. Pretty nice combination!




I love Sundays!


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