Back to using some good old effective products

It seems like I am back to some of the oldest products that I used to use in the past. But certain products are really good that it is worth the buy again and again.

I am back to using Laneige Water Bank Essence because a month ago my skin was feeling a bit dry due to unsuitable cleanser. I quickly switched back to my Laneige foam moisture cleanser and incorporated this essence into my regime. Now my skin feels hydrated enough on a daily basis. It has since then been in the normal zone.

Just using the Laneige moisture foam cleanser alone, the reading goes up to 54% which is pretty hydrated!

After using Laneige Water Bank Essence alone, the reading shot up to 58%! Of course, I would add the moisturizer thereafter to lock up the moisture.

The only sad thing is after I bought this product, Laneige came out with a newly improved version!

The other item is also from Laneige, it is the white renew capsule. This sleeping mask helps in whitening and is also very hydrating.

A capsule is all you need for a rested night. I always wake up with soft radiant skin with it!

This product was also once my frequently used item in my regime and you can click here to read more about how it helps my acne. They now have an improved version as well! I am currently using this again for my pimples and breakout.

The Effaclar Duo + corrective unclogging care anti imperfections helps correct the appearance of imperfections, even skin skin texture and unclog blocked pores. Now with Procerad, an exclusive anti-marks active ingredient.

Overall, I’m recently quite happy with the skin texture that I’ve actually gone without makeup sometimes! The skin feels soft and hydrated and it hasn’t been that oily already!


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