We caught the fireworks at last!

Happy National Day to all Singaporeans!
This year I didn’t stay at home to catch the NDP parade. I went out with Prawn and we caught a movie Guardians of the Galaxy. After the movie, we decided to buy some food and to catch fireworks near the Esplanade area. Unfortunately the road was blocked by SPF. They directed us to Bay Front instead. We were rather intimidated by the crowd so we decided not to watch the fireworks and go Suntec Mall for a walk instead!

Then we spotted a crowd outside the mall. Were they waiting for fireworks here? It seems like a pretty good spot. So we camped here and ate our food.

8pm finally arrived. We saw reflections of the fireworks but there was nothing up in the sky as it was all blocked by the tall buildings. So this wasn’t a good spot! Prawn and I quickly moved down and at last, we caught the fireworks for the first time together!



Fellow Singaporeans cheered along as we saw the beautiful fireworks. What a blessing in disguise. It sure feels good to be watching the fireworks together! 🙂


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