How to trim your eyebrow

I mostly trim my eyebrows myself and I do it bi-weekly. It’s not that difficult to do it yourself.

Here I will show you how I do it! I would recommend you to do it yourself only if you know your desire eyebrow shape. Shaping is an art. You should get help from a professional to do that.

Before: Messy brow with lots of unwanted hair around it.

Step 1: Outline your eyebrow with an eyebrow pencil. Anything that falls out of the line must get trimmed away!
Step 2: Using an eyebrow scissors, trim away the eyebrow that falls out of the shape. Just like cutting our hair, you need to trim it to he perfect length.
Step 3: Pluck the excess that is out of the shape. These are unwanted hairs and they make the eyebrow look messy. Pluck them off!
Step 4: Shave the remaining ones that you are not able to pluck away because it is either too thin or that you want to trim the top part.

And voila! Fill up your brows and see if you like them.

Remove the eyebrow pencil marking and see if they still need anymore trimming. Your eyebrow should look good to go already!

Take a look at the before and after picture! Without trimming, the eyebrow looks messy and doesn’t frame the eyes well. After trimming, the eyebrow is neat and frames the eyes perfectly!


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