I met with a car accident

This year hasn’t been that good. I thought I would have better luck this year especially since the Snake year is over. People say your zodiac year is the year that is the most suay (bad luck) one. I thought nothing can be more suay than last year but looks like I’m kinda wrong? 

Been sick a few times this year already. And it’s always flu and cough! The last flu and cough lasted for about week and just when I was better, fever found me. Donno what is wrong with me. I thought exercising can keep me healthy but looks like it’s not working? 

And I met with a car accident yesterday. Though minor, I was still in a state of shock. 
It was late at night and I took a taxi home from my friend’s place.I was so near to my home already when the taxi knocked into another stagnant car in front. I heard the taxi driver went “SHIT!” and the next moment, I found my body moving forward, knocking onto the car seat in front of me. My glasses along with my handphone that I was holding on flew right to the front seat. My head, neck and arms were hurting a little but it was not too bad. I was more like having the shock of my life. 

The taxi uncle asked if I am okay and I told him I think I am, but I need to find my glasses and my handphone. So we spent the next one min or so looking for my belongings. He called my number using his handphone but my handphone was in silent mode, so we can only depend on the slight sound that comes from the vibration. It took us awhile to find my handphone which was lying somewhere between the door and the front seat. I have no idea how the impact can caused my belongings to flew that far. 

Anyway, I told the driver to get me another cab and I still paid him? Come to think of it, I’m pretty stupid eh? I should have just leave without paying.But I think I wasn’t in the right mind to think that much. All I know is I wanted to just get home. 

So I took another cab home. The taxi driver asked me what happened but I wasn’t prepared to answer him cos I was still in a state of shock. I merely told him there was an accident. He continued asking me a few more questions which include if I am okay, but I didn’t reply him at all. Upon sensing that I wasn’t ready to speak, he stopped asking. 

I called Prawn immediately but couldn’t really tell him much due to shock. He wanted to come down and find me but I rejected cos it was already 2am and I wanted to rest and sleep. 

When I got home, I started to examine myself to see if I’m hurt. There was a small abrasion on my right hand. No other injuries except having some muscle ache on my neck and arms. The ache felt like I carried tons of books for the entire day. I remembered once having such kind of ache on my leg and I had to depend on muscle relaxant. Not a very good feeling. But then again,  I think at least this is 不幸中的大幸 already. Felt like it could have been worse. 





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