Review: Clio Nail Stylers and Lipnicure

Awhile back, Clio sent me their neon Nail Stylers as well as their Lipnicure lip stains. People who know me well, know that I am all about colours. Vivid colours make my day brighter. Other than outfits, I also love bright nails and lips!

So I’m very much attracted to this collection and have given them a try! I took quite awhile to post this up because I’m not quite sure if I really like them. You will see why in a bit.

First up, the Clio Nail Styler. [From left to right: Wicked Peach, California Bxxch]

I have a natural liking towards California Bxxch and not the Wicked Peach cos I love bright colours but not necessarily colours that are too neon especially on my nails.

The brush size is just nice. Formula of nail polish is rather thick and it can be a little streaky at first. Two layers are needed for a complete coverage.

This colour has gotten quite a bit of compliment from my friends! I added a little glitter nail polish for the extra glam!

Nail polish lasted about a week. The one with the glitter nail polish lasted two weeks though!

Wicked Peach is too neon for everyday look though.

Nonetheless, if you are going for a party, this one is so damn suitable!

In a nutshell: 

Vivid colours in 2 to 3 coats
Smooth Formula X
Thin Formula X
High Shine Finish
Smooth Application X

 Rating: fb likefb like


Price: S$8.90
Availability: Watsons 

Lipnicure Lip Stain [From left to right: Wicked Peach, Toxic Pink]

Pink and orange lips are in trend now! If you haven’t already started on the trend, you should! Lip colour can instantly brighten up any simple makeup look.


The formula of the lip stain is pretty thick, somewhat like a creamy mousse texture. With a brush tip, application can be precise. I generally use the apply and dab with fingers method for a more natural look.

I love how toxic pink looks like on me. I also love the matte finish!

It does feel like there is something on your lips and can be a little drying. Definitely not recommended for those whose lips are peeling.

Wicked peach is not so forgiving on my lips though. I had a hard time blending it out.

I prefer a bright coral colour than this. I’m sorry but this just doesn’t work out on my lips.

In a nutshell: 

Vivid colours
Smooth Application X
Matte Finish
Moisturizing X

Toxic Pink: fb likefb like
Wicked Peach: –

Price: $19.90
Availability: Watsons 

What’s interesting is that Clip carries this product called Clio Virgin Kiss Lip Primer. 
This helps to create the perfect canvas for smooth and long wear. It feels like a lip balm, except that colours from your lipsticks can still adhere to your lips without sliding off.

Price: S$14.90 
Availability: Watsons 



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