A trip to Pulau Ubin

It is my first trip to Pulau Ubin and I was quite excited! I met the Lee family early in the morning for brunch before setting off to this trip.

Sunblock checked
Mosquito repellent patch checked
Water checked
Hat checked
Sunglasses checked

We arrived shortly after taking a ferry over from Changi Village. A trip to Pulau Ubin cost $2.50 and the ferry will only move when they have 12 visitors altogether. There were many bikes shop around. We rented a bike to cycle to Chek Jawa.

Cycling at Pulau Ubin can be really challenging with all the steep slopes and rocky terrain.
I was really terrified when it comes to down slopes. Sometimes I brake consistently and move down slowly. Other times I dismount and push. lol. I used to love slopes when I was a kid. I wonder where did all my courage go to.

Arrived at Chek Jawa but didn’t spot much creatures cos of the tide.

I love this take!
And side note, I love my pink skechers Go Walk so much!

Pond of Lotus!

They decided to flew kite there.

I decided to cam-whore. Lol

Bought my selfie stick along so we managed to get everyone including our bikes into da frame!

It was a fun and tiring day!







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