Thought Bubbles: Being Organized

I read from an article that there are different types of people when it comes to the topic organization. I belonged to the category: organized and messy.

If you’re organized and messy…

There’s a place for everything and you don’t let a few dust bunnies stop you from keeping things that way. So you haven’t vacuumed the floors this week? At least you’ve put everything back where you found it. You know it’s all about getting stuff done and not how pretty the box looks when it’s checked off.


True enough, I’m not the type who would necessary have a dust-free room. In fact, I probably only wipe my room’s furniture once in every half a year?? Unless my mum does it for me, otherwise I would be too lazy to touch them until I get sinus and had to remove the dust bunnies. I would make the bed but my bed sheet aren’t exactly straight or neat. I would put my clothes back to where they should be but they are in a horrible mess. Sometimes, I live by the statement “if you can’t see them, if I manage to hide them away, they are good.”

Organization is important to me. I need to put things back to where they belong or I’ll have a hard time finding them. Just like my keys. I used to have a place for it and even in my dreams, I will make sure I put my keys back to where it should be. But ever since I re-painted my room, my keys have no room. In two occasions, I can’t find my keys. This kind of situation is one too many.

So, I’m gonna kick start on an organization project in two places which I’m always in. One, my room. Two, my office.

I’m not OCD. I just need a system, a system where I can maintain my room neat for the longest time possible.

So I’m taking up my very own


CHALLENGE 1: #Makeup

I used to put my makeup in the above organizer. It was a great organizer that puts everything into place. But because my makeup is inside the closet, it is dark and I always have to meddle with the things behind just cos I can’t see them clearly.

I decided to change to a new organizer where I can see important makeup right at the front. It just makes things a lot easier now that I have a new system! If you would like to get them, head over to #muji! I simply love muji and their quality of products nvm if it’s a little expensive. I think it’s worth it!

Challenge 2: Nail Polishes

I have tons of over flowing nail polishes contributed by both my sis and me. I decided to use the old makeup organizer and store the nail polishes instead! Nail polishes won’t fit in the space meant for lipstick but turn them around, and voila they work perfectly! Also, turning the nail polishes upside down allows me to see the colour clearly, makes manicure an easier job!

Challenge 3: Belts 

I also have a problem of over-flowing belts. For a long time, I hanged my belts on this multi-hanger. It works for a short while before a mess begins.

I spotted this hanger with hooks in Daiso and decided that I have to get it!
See, now I can easily hook my belts onto the hanger. It is so much more accessible now!

Challenge 4: Beauty Products

I got this organizer shelf from muji. Yes muji again! And I used it to store my masks, nail polishes and other beauty products.

On the shelf top, I placed my body lotions and hand creams The drawer is from Vanity Trove box and I used it to store some craft items. I may change the position next time though.

On the first shelf, I placed masks.

I put my sleeping capsule masks in the above pencil holder.


My most important area is my closet and they are still in a mess. Lol. Will have to deal with them soon!







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