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The Spa-Lon offers an extensive facial services and body treatments such as shoulder and body relaxation massage. Looking for a better way to spend your long weekend? Look no further, The Spa-Lon could be your answer.I am especially drawn to their back acne treatment for there isn’t much places that offer this service. To add on, they also offer facial especially for the Men. You can also try out their signature talika eye ritual to reduce puffiness and dark eye circles.

This is a demo of their signature ATP-38 series which uses light frequency to do the magic!  The ATP-38 series include face, body and eye treatment.

They have so many other services that I simply cannot write about in one blog post. Want to know the other services provided by The Spa-Lon? Just download The Spa-Lon app from your smart phone and get to know more about their services.

One stop click app

app 3

The Spa-Lon app is a one click app that allows you to access their services and promotions,  FB page and booking page.




The book-it services allows you to book your appointment. Choose your preferred outlet and time and then wait for them to call you to confirm your booking. Note, no direct booking is available.



I also like it that you can access their locations easily. Click on “directions” and you will be able to see the list of locations. There is also a direct google map available.



Collect stamps



Gone were the olden days of collecting stamps on a piece of physical card. I usually lose them anyway. Now with this app, you can collect stamps virtually to unlock a mystery gift! Now you don’t have to risk losing the paper and starting all over again anymore!


Download The Spa-Lon App on your mobile device today!

It is available on both Andriod and iOS system.


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