The Sample Store Ka Bloom Event

Popped by The Sample Store Ka Bloom Event with Sis at Bliss House on a lovely Saturday. Man, the place was really crowded! It has been a long time since we attended The Sample Store’s event. Really happy to see how TSS has bloomed thus far. What a great achievement!

Saw a few new brands at TSS, namely Enavose, Brands, Nov, Belif etc. I’m glad that TSS carries these brands now!

Enavose is a switzerland product and I really like their loose powder. This time round, I’m attracted to their Chroma5 Mineral Correcting Pentagon. It is something like the Gurlain Metorites Powder except that it is in a compact form. Adds an instant glow on the face without being overpowering. I bought one from the store only to realise that I have one in my goodie bag! Zzz….in the end I traded this with my sister cos she had the other loose powder instead.

Enavose’s lippy is really moisturizing and creamy as well! Was pretty tempted but controlled myself. lol.

Brands Innershine Ruby Collagen in the form of jelly strip. It was surprisingly really yummy! I love it!

Experiencing TSS’s new interface for the first time.

The new web interface is easier to navigate.

With my sis! (:

I went back home with lots of goodies! Super happy!


The Sample Store to get free samples to try before buying the actual product. After all, trying is believing.


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