Thought Bubbles: Go and do what makes you happy

Here’s the thing. I’ve recently discovered the joy of doodling and scrapbooking. I mean I do them occasionally and never thought much about it. But it recently, I found out that it makes me really happy when I see my doodles on my tablet or when I see things nicely decorated. I also enjoy putting stickers on my students’ workbook. Colours make me happy. Like rainbows appearing on the sky after a rain, it simply make my day a little better.

So I’ve bought a brand new planner and am busy decorating the planner like as if each page is an artwork. I’ve never ever thought that this simple scrapbooking activity is gonna make me so satisfied. And each time, I look at it, I simply can’t wait to use it. Like I would ask myself just when is 2014 ending?

These activities take up quite a bit of time. I would usually get started on them if I reached home from work early. Simple cutting, pasting and designing can take quite a few hours. But these few hours seem like a therapeutic activity to do after a long tiring day at work. Even at work, finding means and ways to incorporate what I love makes me happy too. Occasionally, people look at me with disbelief cos I actually spend so much time doing all these but I would simple nod and smile and say yes cos I enjoyed it!

Whenever people asked me what hobbies do I have, I would think for awhile and noticed I’ve nothing much to say about my hobbies. But I am starting to have an idea what hobbies can I have …. Hobbies are really activities that can brighten up one’s mood immediately and you will never get tired of doing it. For me, it must be an outlet that allows me to unleash my creativity. And there are simply many options to it. I may not be that good at what I do but I’m good at enjoying what I do,

In the end, what’s more important is to find out what makes you happy and find ways to incorporate them into your busy lifestyle.

So come on
Find out what makes you happy
And just do it.



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