Thought Bubbles: Top 5 reasons why you should cut your hair short


One year ago, I decided to have my long hair snipped off. It was a decision made after so much careful thoughts. I’ve never regretted cutting my hair and it has been a pleasant one year having my hair cut short. If any ladies out there were to ask me if they should cut their hair, I would definitely answer a HELL YEAH! Why? Because hair grows and it’s not like short hair is gonna stick with you permanently throughout your lifetime.

Here’s top 5 reasons why you should cut your hair!

A brand new change

Why follow the crowd? You will feel brand new. You will feel like trying out new styles, ditching your plain cutesy feminine dresses and you will feel like rocking the pants . You will feel extra beautiful now that your hair is in place, and that your fashion is simply more effortless now. Even if your wardrobe remains the same, you will still feel different with a new hairdo. Some may feel younger, more feminine and fresher with a change in the hair length. Short hair is generally more chic looking!

Simple Styling

With short hair, you can bid goodbye with your curling iron, hair ties and plenty of shampoos and conditioner. A little shampoo goes a long way. And for a better style, you just need to blow your hair dry with a round brush and a hairdryer. 5 to 10 mins are all that it takes to style your hair! Forget about staring at the mirror and wondering if you should have your hair tied up or let down in loose waves. And if round brush aren’t your best friend, fingers are!

Cheaper to maintain

Now that your hair is short, you can save a lot on shampoo. You don’t even have to condition it everyday since it is so close to your roots! Colouring or straightening them cost half the price that long hair would have cost you!

Healthier Hair

The longer your hair, the harder it is to maintain a head full of healthy strands. Short hair requires more frequent cuts to maintain it’s shape. You will also have fewer tangles to deal with. And with regular trims, you can say goodbye to split ends!

Variety of styles

Some of us have the misconceptions that short hair can be really boring. But in actual fact, there can be a variety of short hair cuts!  A bob, concave bob, asymmetrical , with bangs, without bangs, a long bob and even pixie cuts! Only if you are willing and daring enough to try!

So find your trustworthy hairstylist and ask to go short! (:
It is the most amazing feeling ever!




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