Our first canvas printing art class


So I had a whale of time with two of my lovely babes doing some canvas painting art!

It was a groupon deal and it was the first ever art lesson I had! It was pretty easy, even an art idiot could do it. Although I would love to learn how to paint from scratch, but painting from scratch would definitely take up more time.


We were told to choose a main picture and a pattern from a book of stencils. I chose Marry Poppins as my main picture and the brick wall as my background picture. Layering the stencils on my canvas to see how it would look like. Then we choose our respective colours and started painting. Then we had to go to a little corner and use a hairdryer to dry our painting.

Carmen’s canvas was a lot bigger so she gotta put in more work in her art work. Here, she’s cutting out her own stencil!


The last step for all us was the same. Here, she is painting over our main stencil just like silk screen painting.
It was pretty interesting!


My end product! They love my colour combination!


Hui Shan’s bull dog! Was pretty surprised by her choice but it was so cute!

Proud owner of my own canvas art.

I love friend bonding time like this. 🙂



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