It was one of the toughest week. As I drown myself in pile of work, I reminded myself to slow down during the weekend. And then we were hit by the news of my super granny being hospitalized. It wasn’t the first time and I guess everyone is already mentally prepared for the worst. Well, sort of. As I watched my granny yelled in pain, I felt this tinge of sadness. It was not overwhelming, but it was enough to make me turn away, not wanting to look at her any further.

She was one of the kindest, mild tempered old folk I’ve ever seen. And she will always remain like this in my heart forever. At this point of time, I’m not even sure if I’d wish her a speedy recover. Of course, we would love to have her with us forever but we know it’s impossible. I will only wish for her to be happy and for her sufferings to be short.


Shirt – Bugis
Pants – unknown
Hat – Muji
Bag – Charles and Keith




Under this deep purple sky, I’m thankful I’ve Prawn with me. (:


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