Cosme Cream Treatment and Kent Hair Brush


So those who’ve been following me on instagram might have know that 3 weeks ago I did a hair straightening treatment which is called cosme cream treatment. It is basically a type of straightening where it helps to soften the hair texture yet maintain the hair’s natural volume.

My hair has the tendency to poof up and curl in weird direction when it is of this length (just look at my profile picture on the left.) On good days, the hair looks great with a little blow dry but most of the time they just poof up like a tiny fury ball.

So the first week, my hair was literally straight like I just had soft rebonding done. I could live with that kind of straightness but I find the back of my head really flat. I didn’t like that. But still it was good. It wasn’t that stiff. The second week onwards, the hair slowly regains its volume and I could actually style my hair the way I used to do it except that it looks way better! Like the hair is smooth, doesn’t poof out and it’s just perfect on good days. Above pic is an example of a good hair day after doing the treatment.Yes, there are still bad hair days when I can’t be bothered to blow dry my hair thoroughly, but honestly it wasn’t that bad.


When it comes to styling of the hair, I never do without blowdrying and I like to use a round brush for a C curl and good volume. I wouldn’t be able to do that if I had done rebonding instead of cosme cream treatment.

So I love the Kent Brushes in the natural shine range. They are made of natural bristles that doesn’t cause hair to break. In fact, the hair tends to look shinier and smoother with each brush. I used to think little of using a good hair brush, but after an episode of getting hair stucked in a comb, I’ve decided that enough is enough! If you want a beautiful style, a good brush is a must!

The round brush has pretty dense hair, hence it is able to hold the hair firmly. The large cushion brush helps prevent split ends, reduce static and adds volume.

I am still trying to improve my blow drying skills using the round brushes. So far so good, I think I am improving!


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