How to deal with large pores


Big pores can be quite difficult to reduce as pore size are generally genetic. Other than regular exfoliation, you can try to conceal your big pores using makeup. I’m always searching for the best pore primer and I recently fell in love with Shu Uemura Pore Eraser as well as their instant pore blurring primer. The two products when used together gave wonderful pore blurring effect without any blotchiness. The pore eraser also helped to correct the skin tone.

If you do not have much issues with blemishes, you can in fact do away with foundation after using these products.



Coming out as a moose texture, the Pore Eraser can sometimes release too much product that it can be a waste. It is not that messy to apply if you use the correct tool. As for the pore blurring primer, a pea size is enough as you really only need the product on your pore areas such as T zone.

Step 1: Apply Pore Eraser all over the face
Step 2: Blend it out using a sponge or a beauty blender
Step 3: Apply Pore Blurring Primer on huge pores in circular motion.
Step 4: Proceed with concealer or foundation if needed


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