My carry on essentials!

So the holiday season is here! I am finally able to take a breather and go travelling! I’m really kinda excited as this is the first time I’m heading to a non-asian country and I’m looking forward to the adventures I’m gonna have there! BUT I’m totally dreading the 7 or 8 hours of flight because flying always take a toll on my skin. Flying is indeed the last thing I’m looking forward to.

So here’s my carry on essentials!
First up, I have to talk about my carry on bag. It is a sling bag from fourskin and the reason why I’m loving it is because this bag is full of compartments! I can have everything neatly placed in my bag without the fear of rummaging through my bag for important items such as passport during emergencies.

Items in my carry on:
1. Skincare pouch
2. Flat wallet
3, Ear Piece
4. Asus Tablet
5. Kindle
6.Hair Brush
8. Water
9. Lip palette
10. Passport and travel documents

I believe in keeping things simple and as much as possible, I try to limit the amount of stuff I need to bring with me on the airplane. The tablet and kindle is good for games and reading if I’m unable to sleep on the plane. Cardigan for keeping myself warm and some skincare to let my skin stay hydrated on the air plane. I still have another set of skincare in my luggage but I will share with you girls the next time.

My skincare are all in travel size bottles and are less than 100ml. I have my Bioderma with me to cleanse my skin without having the need to travel to the toilet. Then I have the usual skin care of Estee Lauder Micro Essence, Advanced Night Repair, Advanced Repair Ee Gel and Advanced Time Zone Night cream. These products will help my skin regenerate through the night and I would wake up with glowing skin despite little sleep.

Of course, not forgetting Loccitane hand cream in cherry blossom, Kiehl’s Lip Balm as well as a sleeping capsule from Laneige to hydrate my skin. I steer clear of makeup on the airplane but bring along some lip colours as a pop of colour on the lips are really all I need to look fresh.

Oh and I forgot to photograph my bag of medication which is really important for a person who falls sick easily like me!


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