Australia Trip: Gold Coast

It seems like I’ve not logged in to WordPress in a really really long while. I was having my 16 days of Vacation in Australia.It was such a good long break and I haven’t felt that relaxed in a long while this year. I took more than 600 photos and I’m not even sure where to start blogging about my trip but I think I will just show you some of the amazing photos I took in Gold Coast first (since this was our first destination in Australia).

We stayed in Kupari Boutique Apartment which was located in Surfers Paradise. We had the sea view unit and it was awesome just looking through the window in the morning and breathe fresh air. It was a pretty okay apartment just that their doors are a little faulty and you need lots of strength to close it or open it. It was a two bed room apartment and we had to set up the third bed ourselves though.

The thing about Australia that I love is the beautiful blue sky you see in the day time and …

beautiful sunset wherever you go. The sun is huge and bright and it is just so lovely to look at during the evening.

Here in Gold Coast, we visited the theme parks namely Sea World, Movie World and Dream World.
Below are just some pictures I took in the theme parks.




I love Movie World the most because I can take pictures with all the movie characters! However, I would say I’m not a theme park person. I’m just so nervous at the thought of taking those roller coaster! There was once we took a supposedly mild ride and we got laughed at by a little boy sitting in front of us for screaming. He turned his head towards us and said, “like seriously?!” with a da fug face. lol. Embarrassed but I didn’t care much and continued screaming. :p

Surprisingly the meals here in Australia cost about the same in SG (if you were to have the same dish) so I wasn’t shocked at the price or anything. Well, except that in SG, you get a choice. You can either have the $18 meal like the Australians or the hawker food which probably cost less than $5. In Australia, there simply isn’t a choice. You can either just pick that up or just stick with a sandwich.

I love the coffee here. I am now a fan of Flat White there.

Meals wise we tried to save by ordering two sets and share together. Anyway, the portion there is huge so it was just nice sharing two sets!


There were lots of schoolies there. We didn’t know about the term schoolies and so we googled on the spot. Apparently they are students having their first trip without their parents! It’s really interesting and we also got hit on once or twice as they probably thought we are about the same age as them. lol!

That’s all for my very first blog post about Australia!



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