Australia Trip: Gold Coast Part 2

So in gold coast, we travelled mostly by bus and trams. I really love trams, probably because there’s not much people taking it and it’s really clean!

The inside of the tram.

Today’s entry is gonna be long as I’m gonna blog about all the places I’ve visited in Gold Coast.
Are you ready?

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary 

We went to Wild Life Sanctuary and we had a major discount as they gave us student price.
Here you can get to see all the wildlife in Australia such as Koala, Kangaroo, Pelican etc.

And we are having Koala cuteness overload there! cute! Apparently Koalas are always sleeping due to the leaves they eat so we are really lucky to have caught them awake! Talk about right timing!

I want to be Koala too! I don’t mind sleeping all the time. lol.

Awww! Melts!

So we had a chance to hold the baby crocodile and I brought home a photo of me holding the crocodile.
No this is not the photo. It was so quick that my friend had to snap it in seconds.

Plenty of Lorikeets up on the branches because it was feeding time! This was the highlight of our Wildlife Sanctuary trip.

We held a plate of milk and waited for the Lorikeets to come.

See! I had two!

And suddenly this birdie flew onto my head. Got a shock. lol.

And guess what? The birdies shit on the thee of us consecutively. =.=
Thanks birdies for the “gold”. Pun intended.

Sky View Observatory Tower 

Entire Gold Coast Sky view from 77th floor. Such gorgeous view!
Btw, we took the lift up.

If not for the slight drizzle, the view would have been even more fantastic!

Surfers Paradise Beach 

At night time, we went to chill by the Surfers Paradise Beach. It was awesome! We appear to be having the whole beach to ourselves!

Food and drinks we bought with us along with a picnic mat! So glad I brought this along!

The completed drinks. They are all so awesomely nice!
Come to think of it, we were really crazy cos it was really cold at night!

Burleigh Head Beach

We went to Burleigh Head Beach in the morning for some Vitamin D! I seriously cannot associate beaches with coolness and wind in the summer, but there in Australia we have it!

So we cam-whored and took quite a bit of pictures there. I wore my bikini from Touchmeswimwear.

Love the beach. Love the weather. Love my holiday!


We joined a tour to Springbrook. It is a place with spectacular waterfalls, lush rainforest, ancient trees, impressive views, and natural beauty.

The bad thing was it started to rain heavily and we had to walk in the rain just for this view. I was entirely soaked in rain and was feeling very very cold! I almost wanted to give up the min we came down from the coach. The drizzle, the wind and the coldness were making me really uncomfortable! But I’m glad I strive on cos the view is amazing!!

Look at those waterfall!

Love this shot!

This little boy who was from our tour wanted to take a picture with us. HAHA.
How cheeky!

Besides the theme parks, I really enjoyed myself a lot here at Gold Coast. Everyone here seems to be in a holiday mood and that makes us happy too!


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