Goodbye 2014!


This is a really long post. But it’s a mandatory post. So let’s get started!


The yearly xmas exchange with the girlfriends. This year my present is from Hong, a pair of beautiful Chomel earrings and I gave my gift to Shan. ^-^

This year I didn’t make any cards, so I spent a little more effort on gift wrapping! lol. It’s an awesome fruit jam from assuie’s cafe Tea Cosy.

My gift from Prawn. We decided on a no gift exchange xmas but he still got me this cos he says it’s too cute! haha! I really love it! It’s so cute and cuddly (and heavy)!!



Xmas eve with Prawn and his secondary school clique at Butter Fac! Kinda sua ku cos it’s the first time I’m at Butter Fac. lol. It is also my first clubbing experience with Prawn.


I also had my xmas exchange with my uni mates! But since the photos are not with me at the moment, I shall just post up pictures of our last gatherings! This year’s gift exchange is a little different from the past. We didn’t pick anyone, instead we are to “sell” our gifts to each other and we get to choose the gifts that we want.

It is really an awesome idea! I got yankee candles from J and Ling got NYX eyeshadow palette from me!

My humble attempt to wrap the gift. My friend said I must have done it so beautifully because I’m super free. LOL. She’s right. My sis folded the rose though!

So 2014 has been a relatively smooth year. It is a year when I’m trying to seek work life harmony. And apparently I’ve been really tired after work that I hardly get myself out. Sometimes I try to go out and chill with friends on friday nights and saturdays but after awhile you really don’t know what else you can do except meeting friends for dinner and shopping.

In 2014, I started hula hooping, doodling whenever I’m inspired and tried canvas art for the first time! Didn’t know I can be quite arty farty too. Heh. I also went on a long holiday to Australia which marks my first holiday trip to a Western country.

Super granny’s health wasn’t too good in 2014 and we almost lose her. We see ourselves walking in and out of hospital rather frequently. It is a sign to us family members that we must bond together and treasure each other more.

I didn’t get into blogs award but I was featured in Channel News Asia and that is more than awesome already! Speaking of blogs, I haven’t been blogging much about my life simply because there’s just too much social media platforms already. I feel like once I posted on my FB or instagram, I don’t have to blog anymore. Well, I guess that’s 2014 and people move on from blogs already.I’m also cutting down on sponsored beauty products review. I still do but I’ve also been reviewing more products that I bought with my own cash. I’m still not earning any money from this blog, not putting any ads sensor, not joining any so called media influencer company. Still, I’m keeping my blog because this is a place for consolidation, reflection and sharing. PS, I also find it quite stupid when people start fighting over being the most awesome blogger. That’s crazy. There’s no awesome blogger; there’s only awesome reader! The readers decide the content! And if you are still reading my blog, I thank you. You are awesome!!

Hopefully next year, I’ll blog more about my life.



And to end off 2014 in a good note, I joined AMORE FITNESS! I’ve been thinking of a gym membership for a really really long time and I’ve finally decided not to think anymore and just do it! Because if not now, then when? A close teacher told me life is fragile, 想做什么就去做。2015 will be a year where I will say goodbye to flabby and unhealthy self. I’m gonna gain more muscles and you are gonna see a healthier Vivian!

My new life motto: Eat like a cow and sweat like a pig!! :p

Thank you 2014!!! I’m looking forward to a good good year ahead!


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